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A Guide to Customer Experience

The customer experience that you provide should not be less than the promise that your business made to the market. In most cases of business to business markets, a majority of vendors claim that they are more effective, efficient, and profitable I some way. What most do not say that buying own company's products will improve your customer's business. With the advent of the social media, a gap has been exposed between the customer's experience and the corporate claims. The virtual platforms have provided users with a voice that cannot be filtered by the company management. This has led to a power shift in that the end user is more vocal. They are not willing to settle for just satisfactory products. When the customers are satisfied, they are not hesitating to leave their vendor for the ones that are providing an exceptional experience. Learn the most important lesson about user experience lab

With the changing shift in power, most executives have resulted to engaging the customers through customer experience. Most of the business executives now believe that having a customer experience strategy is now more important than it has been previously. By having a customer experience strategy that focuses on the improved business success of the customer, the companies expect to; have a proactive advocate for their products or services, extend the life of the customer, reduce transactional support costs by having more educated users, obtain the usable value of the customers' and increase customer value through additional products. Organizations that have tried this approach have succeeded. According to research, businesses that are customer centered have outperformed their competitors regarding revenue growth and also profit margins. However, getting these results require that the organizations walk the talk. A shift in thinking is required if a business wants to move from a position of pushing its products to deliver customer advocacy level value. All of your question about customer experience strategist will be answered when you follow the link. 

In developing the customer experience strategy, an organization has to understand that that is not an isolated transaction but a combination of touch points. It should not be limited to customer service interaction at the customer service but a process that involves the whole organization. It means strengthening the brand at each touch point across the whole organization. Even though customer service can have a big impact on the customer's experience, it should not be the whole story. There are various elements that a company should consider when coming up with a customer experience strategy. Some elements include understating your values, developing customer-centric culture and listening to your customers.